About Worker's Comp And How It Is There For You

About Worker's Comp And How It Is There For You

About Worker's Comp And How It Is There For You

7 April 2020
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If you have an accident at work, then you'll likely know to file an incident report. Also, if the injury you sustained is significant, then you probably also know that worker's comp is there to help you and offer you many benefits. However, many people don't know much more than these couple of things when it comes to worker's comp, so this article will help to fill you in more on just what some of those benefits are that worker's comp can include.

Coverage for medical needs

One of the most important benefits worker's comp offers is coverage for your medical needs. The coverage will pay for everything from doctor's visits, hospital visits, tests, and prescriptions to surgeries, therapies, and any aides needed that can include crutches or canes to wheelchairs. It will continue to pay for these needs as long as you require them. You may be limited to specific doctors who are included in the network that is contracted with the insurer. However, if contracted doctors or facilities aren't feasible due to their location or other things, then you may be able to work it out where you can go to another one who will be more fitting.

Disability coverage

If you aren't able to work, or can't work as many hours, due to your injury then you can also take advantage of disability benefits. Disability will help you by covering the wages that you are missing due to not being able to work. There are four different classifications of disability and you will fall into one of them if approved for this benefit. These four classifications include temporary total disability where you are completely off work temporarily, temporary partial where you work less hours temporarily, permanent total where you are completely off work permanently, and permanent partial where you can only work part time from now on.

Rehabilitation services

In some cases, you may no longer be able to stay in the same type of work once you have been injured. However, you might be able to work in another line of work. Worker's comp can also offer you rehabilitation services that allows you to go through training to change careers. Rehabilitation can also help you with other things, such as counseling to help you emotionally if you have suffered emotional scarring due to the incident. Rehabilitation can include many other things you need in order to move on and successfully get back into the workforce.

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