How to Guide Your Teen Through an Accident

How to Guide Your Teen Through an Accident

How to Guide Your Teen Through an Accident

16 June 2020
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300,000 teenagers were treated in 2017 for injuries related to motor vehicle accidents, according to the CDC. Since it's so common for teens to get in an accident, it's wise to guide your teen through the process of seeking compensation for injuries after an accident. Otherwise, your teen might make mistakes that could affect a settlement after a car accident. 

1. Ride with Your Teen as Often as Possible

The best way to help your teen avoid making a mistake is to ride with them as often as possible. Teens are less likely to get into accidents when their parents are riding with them and are less likely to make mistakes that would lead to them being found responsible for the accident. Try to limit how much your teenager drives a car until you are certain that they're responsible.

2. Help Them Understand the Concept of Vicarious Liability

If your child does get into a car accident, you may be considered responsible under the concept of "vicarious liability." However, your teen may also be more likely to be considered liable if they don't know important rules that they should follow after an accident. For example, make sure that your teen does not admit fault or say that they were sorry. Also, make sure that your teen does not post about the accident on social media because this can be used to deny the claim. Instead, meet with an auto accident attorney service to discuss what should and shouldn't be done.

Whether or not you are held directly responsible for your teen's actions depend on what state you are in and sometimes also depend on whether you were aware of your teen's propensities. For example, if you knew that your teen engages in drinking while driving, speeding, tailgating, or other forms of reckless driving, you may be held responsible if you don't take steps to stop this behavior. 

3. Teach Them How to Responsibly React to an Accident

After the accident, make sure that your teen writes down everything that they remember. If your teen has a camera, them him to take pictures of the scene of the accident, the damage done to the vehicles, and any injuries that they suffered. Tell them to remain at the scene and call the police. If they're injured, tell them to seek medical attention promptly. Afterward, with the help of an auto accident attorney, you can gather the evidence you need to build your case so that you can seek a settlement or fight your case in court. 

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