2 Mistakes To Avoid After Having A Slip And Fall Accident At A Store

2 Mistakes To Avoid After Having A Slip And Fall Accident At A Store

2 Mistakes To Avoid After Having A Slip And Fall Accident At A Store

9 September 2020
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While going shopping at a nearby store, you may have slipped on a wet area that was not clearly marked. Since not marking a slip hazard is against safety regulations, the store may be liable for any injuries you sustain. However, you do not want to make the following mistakes that could jeopardize your case when you go file an injury claim.

1.  Neglecting to Immediately Ask for Someone to Call for an Ambulance

One mistake that you should not make after a slip-and-fall accident at a store is neglecting to ask someone for immediate transport to the emergency room. Even if you do not feel too much pain, your body may still be in shock from the fall, which may mask your symptoms until the adrenaline rush passes.

If you do not call for an ambulance or request someone to take you straight to the hospital, the attorney for the store could say that your injuries were not that serious since you were able to leave on your own.

Even if you go to the hospital later on that day or the next morning, they may try to say that the worst of your injuries were sustained after the fall in question. Requesting an ambulance or other transport shows that your injuries were serious enough to warrant immediate medical attention.

2.  Forgetting to Have Someone Take Pictures of the Scene for You

Another mistake that you should not make after you slip and fall is forgetting to have someone take pictures of the scene for you. When taking the pictures, they should concentrate not only on the area where you fell but also up and down the aisle to show that no warning signs were placed.

While the store should have cameras up, there is no guarantee that you will have access to them or that the location of your fall was covered. By having your own pictures in hand to take to a lawyer, you will have photographic evidence of the store's neglect that led to your fall.

Making sure that you go straight to the hospital to have your injuries documented and having photographic evidence of the fall scene can help strengthen your claim when you go to file. Once you have your medical records and other evidence, contact a personal injury attorney to set up a consultation so that they can go over your case and get things started.

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