How A Surgery Can Complicate Your Car Accident Injury Case

How A Surgery Can Complicate Your Car Accident Injury Case

How A Surgery Can Complicate Your Car Accident Injury Case

29 January 2021
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When you are involved in an accident on the road, you may suffer from injuries that can eventually lead to you needing surgery. This is especially true if you suffer from brain damage or if you need medical treatment for an internal organ injury. You will need to speak with a personal injury lawyer about how this might affect your case but you will likely need a larger settlement after a surgery.

Your Length of Stay

One of the factors that can affect your surgery costs is the length of stay. Even if you only have to spend one or two days in the hospital, this can be very expensive. However, even if you are able to go home immediately after the surgery, the surgery itself will likely be expensive and you will deserve compensation for your medical bills if you were not at fault.

Your Doctor's Recommendation

If you receive surgery because it was your doctor's recommendation, you will be able to use this as evidence that your surgery was necessary and that it was tied to the accident you suffered. Otherwise, the insurance adjuster may try to avoid compensating you for the surgery.

The Number of Surgeries Required

In some cases, your surgeries might need to be more invasive and your doctor might believe that you will need more than one surgery. When this is the case, you might need to work with your car wreck lawyer to make sure that your settlement is as large as possible to take into account future surgeries that you might need.

Pain and Suffering

The degree to which you are injured will affect your pain and suffering claim because the act of undergoing surgery can lead to pain and suffering on its own. Because you were not responsible for your accident, you deserve to be compensated for the injuries you have suffered due to your accident and the pain that results from your surgery.

For example, with many surgeries, you will need to take a pain medication and you will likely experience some pain even despite taking pain medications. You will also likely be unable to work or engage in the activities you once enjoyed until you have fully recovered from your surgery.

Lost Wages

Because you may be unable to work due to your surgery, your attorney should also argue that you deserve compensation for lost wages and lost future wages. Because there are more complications introduced by a surgery, you'll always want to speak with a personal injury lawyer.

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