Working Alongside Your Personal Injury Lawyer: What Accident Victims Need To Know

Working Alongside Your Personal Injury Lawyer: What Accident Victims Need To Know

Working Alongside Your Personal Injury Lawyer: What Accident Victims Need To Know

11 February 2021
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After a car accident, most accident victims long for the days before the accident turned their lives upside down. It's only natural to want things back to normal again. To help you make sure that happens, you will need the help of a personal injury lawyer to get what you deserve from the at-fault driver's insurer. To find out how you can help your case be more successful, read on.

Why Work With a Lawyer?

Putting your car accident case in the hands of a personal injury lawyer serves several purposes at the same time:

  1. Accident victims can turn their focus to what is important — healing from their injuries. Just speaking with an attorney can make things feel less burdensome.
  2. Many victims are unable to cope with insurance companies that don't return phone calls, deny claims, delay paying damages, and more.
  3. Almost all victims underestimate how much compensation they should be paid and that leaves them vulnerable to accepting an inadequate settlement. Lawyers can evaluate your case and know how much you should be paid. They also know how to negotiate to get you that money.

Getting Your Case Started

Before you can benefit from a personal injury lawyer, though, you have to speak to one and have them look over the facts of your case. That means showing up with enough information for the lawyer to evaluate things. If your case holds promise, the lawyer will agree to represent you. The lawyer is looking for these aspects of an automobile personal injury case:

  • Fault is certain and the other person obviously caused the accident.
  • The other person has insurance coverage.
  • Law enforcement at the scene performed an initial evaluation of the accident by interviewing the parties and witnesses and the findings can be found in the accident or police report.
  • Your physical injuries were enough to send you to the hospital and your medical treatment costs were high enough. The higher your medical costs, the more pain and suffering damages you are owed.

Paying For Legal Services

Another way to cope better with the aftermath of an accident is to use a personal injury lawyer that accepts contingency fee arrangements. That means the lawyer gets paid only when you get paid. Many personal injury lawyers do business this way and it allows victims to have a lawyer work on their case without having to pay any money upfront.

For more information, contact an auto accident attorney.

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