How A Job Site Injury Attorney Can Benefit Your Workers' Compensation Claim

How A Job Site Injury Attorney Can Benefit Your Workers' Compensation Claim

How A Job Site Injury Attorney Can Benefit Your Workers' Compensation Claim

28 May 2021
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Like most things in life, a workers' compensation claim after a job site injury is difficult if you go it alone. If you haven't considered working with a job site accident lawyer, here are a few reasons to hire an attorney for your workers' compensation claim.

Avoid Forfeiting Your Claim

The process for receiving workers' compensation is quite strict. There are several pitfalls that could invalidate your claim that may seem innocuous to the layman. For example, it is usually necessary to file a written claim with your employer within 30 days of the accident.

A job site accident lawyer has the expertise to help you avoid the most commons workers' compensation pitfalls. Lawyers are also familiar with the tactics that employers and insurance companies may use against employees, like asking you to return to work too soon. Your lawyer will understand the laws specific to your state that may impact your claim in ways you don't expect.

Gather all Necessary Evidence

For many people, the most challenging hurdle to a successful claim is collecting all the paperwork they need. Workers' compensation claims require a few crucial documents to discourage those who would exploit the system when they are not seriously injured. 

Most importantly, you will need your medical records as well as a written testimony that the injury prevents you from working. Other documents that can bolster your case include your work records from before the accident, medical bills, and the accident report you filed with your employer. Your attorney may even be able to arrange an independent medical examination for additional evidence.

Work With a Professional Negotiator

Even if you choose not to work with an attorney, your workplace and their insurance company will certainly have one. This fact puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiations because the insurer's goal will be to minimize the amount they pay out. If the employee isn't aware of all the forms of compensation that they are eligible for, the insurance company can easily withhold the money the employee deserves.

A job site accident lawyer is so effective at negotiating your compensation in part because they have access to information that isn't easily available to you. An attorney may discover that your workplace had a poor safety record or secure testimony from a vocational expert about the physical demands of your occupation. Attorneys use information like this to create an estimate of the value of your case so you can be sure you are receiving the best possible payout.

Get Level-Headed Assistance

Sometimes, the most valuable aspect of obtaining legal counsel is that your attorney will have no personal attachment to your case. An injury at work can cause emotional turmoil and make it difficult to focus on what you need to do for your workers' compensation claim. An attorney can provide a level-headed perspective to ensure that your case is proceeding optimally.

Appeal a Denied Claim

No matter how airtight you think your workers' compensation case is, there is always the chance that your claim will be denied. In fact, 47 percent of employees who receive workers' compensation are initially denied. Fortunately, you still have the opportunity to hire a job site injury attorney and submit an appeal that will turn your case around. No matter why your claim was denied, you will need an attorney to assess the legal specifics of the denial and file a successful appeal.

By far, the best thing you can do for your workers' compensation claim is to seek assistance from an attorney. Keep these benefits in mind if you are ever faced with this stressful situation and hire a job site accident lawyer to maximize your chances of winning your claim.

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