What You Might Not Know About Workers' Compensation Insurance

What You Might Not Know About Workers' Compensation Insurance

What You Might Not Know About Workers' Compensation Insurance

10 October 2022
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Workers' compensation is one of those things people don't usually think about until they need it. Read on and get the scoop on things that most people probably don't already know about workers' compensation insurance.

You Are Probably Covered

Workers' compensation insurance becomes effective immediately when you start your job – there is no waiting period. It covers you even when you are not at work, in some cases. For example, you can be covered for business trips, appointments with clients, training sessions across town, and more.

Only Certain Injuries Are Covered

A rule of thumb is that if your injury can be completely treated with the contents of your work first-aid kit, your injury may not be severe enough to be covered by workers' compensation insurance. You must go to the doctor or the emergency room right away and follow all doctor's orders. If you need to see a specialist, you must be referred by the workers' comp doctor first.

It's Up to You to Take Action

You, your employer, and the workers' comp insurer all have jobs to do. You must report your injury to your supervisor. Your employer must see to it that a claim form is filed in a timely manner. The insurer must cover legitimate claims by paying for your medical expenses, a partial salary, and paying you a settlement if you get permanently injured.

Workers' Compensation is a State Program

Each state has a workers' compensation board to govern the insurers. Workers' compensation insurers are private, for-profit businesses, just like other types of insurers are. The federal government has different rules that apply to federal workers. All businesses must cover their employees with insurance if they have a minimum number of employees.

The Workers' Compensation Disability Pay is Low

Unfortunately, the partial salary workers receive when they remain home to recuperate is far from adequate. You are not paid your usual salary. Instead, you are paid approximately three-quarters of your usual salary. The amount you get varies by your state. Taxes are not taken out of your workers' comp checks, however, since they are not considered income.

You Can Disagree with the Workers' Compensation Insurer

Several decisions are made while you are dealing with the insurer and some of them may be the wrong decisions. You may be told, for example, that your accident is not covered by insurance. You might be ordered to return to your job when you are still being affected by the injury. If you disagree with a workers' compensation ruling, you have rights. You can appeal the decision, ask for second opinions, and more.

If you are having trouble with your claim, speak to a work site accident attorney and find out more about your rights and options.

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