Suffered An Injury From A Slip And Fall? What To Expect During Your Legal Consultation

Suffered An Injury From A Slip And Fall? What To Expect During Your Legal Consultation

Suffered An Injury From A Slip And Fall? What To Expect During Your Legal Consultation

16 March 2020
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Suffering a personal injury that's out of your control can leave you with some unexpected medical bills. Thankfully, an injury lawsuit can help you recover from those financial losses. You'll want to meet with a lawyer to give you the best chance possible of receiving your compensation, and the whole process starts with a consultation. Here is what you should expect during that first meeting:

Review Your Records

Your slip and fall likely sent you to a local emergency room to treat your injury. Doctors will perform tests or take x-rays to help document the extent of your injury, and it's important to have those records for your consultation. The lawyer will want to see how serious the injury is to get an idea of how much compensation you can receive. 

Another thing to have on hand is a written account of what happened. It is important that you write things down while the injury is fresh in your mind so that you can recall exactly what happened to you. Many people keep a diary to log their pain and recovery. You may be fully healed by the time the lawsuit is settled, and it helps to have a reminder of what you went through.

Review Your Witnesses

If anybody saw your slip and fall happen, it will help to have their contact information as a witness. Witnesses can be key to winning a case, because a slip-and-fall case is sometimes based on trusting someone's own account of their accident. This can create doubt in a judge or jury that needs to decide if your case is valid. Witnesses help to strengthen your case, and a lawyer is more likely to take your case when you have one or more witnesses.

Review Current Communication

You've likely had some sort of communication with the party responsible for the accident. Make sure to bring that communication with you to your consultation; this can include emails, paperwork, or even memos about phone calls that have happened. This will give the lawyer a good idea about what has already been said about the case will let them know if you have done anything to jeopardize your compensation; for example, giving conflicting stories, accepting partial blame, and things of that nature.

If your lawyer feels like you have a chance of winning, they'll agree to take on your case and move forward with filing the necessary paperwork.

For more information, reach out to a personal injury attorney in your area today.

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