Why Pedestrian Protection Systems Sometimes Fail With Commercial Vehicles

5 May 2021
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Given the size of a commercial truck, being hit by a commercial truck as a pedestrian has a very high chance of leading to a fatal accident. Even if you survive, you are likely to end up with very serious injuries. As a result, many commercial trucks are now equipped with pedestrian detection systems. However, if the commercial truck that hits you is not equipped with one of these systems, they might be considered more liable for your injuries.
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Tow Truck Drivers Are Often The Victims Of Car Accidents

29 April 2021
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Tow truck drivers are often at risk of being struck while on the job. This is because tow truck drivers typically are working at the scene of an accident, and drivers who are distracted by the accident are more likely to not notice the tow truck and crash into it. If you have been struck as a tow truck driver, you may be entitled to compensation if you had an accident while carrying out duties for an employer.
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Increasing Your Social Security Disability Claim Success

8 April 2021
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The Social Security Disability Insurance program was initiated to support people with disabilities without a stable source of income. While the program is comprehensive and open for all who fit the criteria, many claims are rejected. Many claims fail because the candidates are unaware of the application's legibility requirements. The outcomes have denied many deserving people their Social Security Disability claims, impoverishing their households. However, candidates may increase their application success by understanding the Social Security Disability claims process.
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Overworked and Overheated: Workers’ Comp and Heat Illnesses

29 March 2021
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If you are negatively affected by heated conditions on the job and become ill, your employers' workers' comp insurance is supposed to cover you. Read on to learn more about this type of aliment and how to ensure you are compensated for heat exposure issues at work. Heat Can Kill If you feel unwell, seek help immediately. Heat illnesses can escalate quickly the effects can extremely debilitating. You can expect to be covered in several ways from your employer's workers' comp insurer but you must follow the guidelines.
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Two Questions About Being Given a DUI

17 March 2021
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If you've been pulled over by a police officer because they have a suspicion that you've been drinking, you likely have a lot of concerns about the legal situation you could be in. Here are some common questions about DUIs that you will want to know the answer to. What Is the Difference Between a DUI and Driving Above the Legal Limit? There are laws in place that state that your blood alcohol level cannot be above a very specific percentage.
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